Diablo Game Questions D2JSP

I played a lot of diablo back in 2003-4 but just started again last month. I remember d2jsp from back then but was too young to take notice of it.

Do I have this correct: The owner of D2jsp invented his own digital diablo currency to offer players an easier way to trade for items they want. And that there are 800,000 members, many of which have purchased this gold from him for real money.

I don't know how much base gold was/is purchased before a lot of it is just circulating back and forth, but many people must still be buying gold rather than working for it through trade deals.

D2jsp last time I checked was still the 2nd most popular forum in the world. The owner is genius and must have made an absolute killing from this website. He can literally just create endless amounts of FG that amount to real money.