Diablo Game Questions Hello, Diablo 1 vet seeks Diablo 3 help :)

Hi guys,

I don't use reddit often so first let me apologize if it is considered to be in poor taste to beg for assistance in this way. I do Google things of course, but I've always enjoyed a dash of interaction with this sort of thing. I've always liked the feeling of learning from the masters :)

I've recently gotten back into Diablo 3, and I must confess I never did play it in a very deep way when I first went through it on PC. Btw, my first Diablo game was the original right when it came out. I was a young lad back then!

Anyway, I've been playing it on the PS4 now and finding that fun. Nice to lay on my bed and play it on my TV.

I've been doing a crusader and I recently decided to try out the combination of the following two Kanai's Cube powers:

Hack (for weapon) and Heart of Iron (for armor)

These both amplify the power of Thorns.

Is this viable? Stupid? Does Hack's claim to "apply your thorns damage to every attack" mean swings with the weapon on a primary attack, or do things like that refer to ANY sort of attack? Because Blessed Hammer is my main means of attack.

It does seem like I'm doing good damage in Greater Rifts... but I feel like a babe in the woods here, and I want to make sure I'm not making any massive mistakes.

I've fiddled around with Hammer Jammers too as my armor power, but I was worried about that one because I didn't think I was actually probably stunning anything very often, and so it seemed like it might be unable to really do its thing.