Diablo Game Questions I have Diablo 1 almost working!!! ... Almost...

So, I have never played Diablo. I really wanted to back in the day, but when your parents were part of the whole "Satan-Scare-90s", a game like Diablo doesn't get added to your library until your twenty-four and wanting to get into the series.

... Anyway, I had found the game and got it working on Win10! (By "working", I mean I can play the game without crashes). My only problem is that the cut-scenes/cinematics won't load or run. Ex: the game starts on the main menu, and clicking on "replay intro" just cuts to black and then back to the main menu rather quickly.

I was hoping some fine folks here at the Diablo sub might have found this problem (or somewhere online that is...) but either my search-fu or google-fu is off and I can't find it, or I'm the first to have this problem.

So, does anyone want to help me fix the game or my system so cinematics/cut-scenes can run?