Diablo Game Questions Need advice for GR progression past 60.

So i am running a pet WD like last season and the ring of the little man turned the tides for me yesterday and i was able to jump from a poor time 50 grift to a shitty 62 with like 7 minutes left. then i went to bed. i think i might have gotten through 65 pretty good still. however in 60+ i slowly encounter surviveability problems.

i am aware that it has to get harder but it changed from being able to kind of stand in things to basically a onehit through all my defensive stuffs.

so i am kind of concerned if this is enough for clearing 75.

however the main question is about my gear.


i followed the icyveins guide and i really like to play with the uhkapian snake for the damage reduce. however i dont know which pieces to focus on to get a better one and which ones are ready for an augmentation. would be nice if you could have a look at it.