Diablo Game Questions New(ish) player looking for advice on how to proceed with my current build (Uliana Monk).

So this is my first real season where I've actually sat down and tried to get into the late-game stuff. I decided to follow THIS build to the best of my ability and it's been going pretty well.

I got an ancient Flow of Eternity before getting either of the one-handed weapons that the game calls for. It's been treating me well, but my intention was to cube it and equip the double fist weapons once I got them. I finally got them today but there's one problem, my recovery absolutely plummets when I equip them.

So before I cube the Flow of Eternity I wanted to ask your opinions on this matter. Below are a couple of screenshots that show the different items and their stats. I would love your input.


Not only am I hesitant to lose that much recover on an already weak character, but it's also an ancient that I would have to cube. For reference, I can run T8s perfectly fine but T9s can sometimes be a bit of a hiccup depending on the elites I run up against.

In the meantime I think I will try to cube up/Kadala a new Flow of Eternity to cube so that I don't fuck myself if these fists aren't going to cut it.

I appreciate your time in reading this and would LOVE your input.