Diablo Game Questions Season 8 2.4.2 D3 Guides! Leveling, Fresh 70, Free Sets and more!

Hey Guys! We’re back in S8. We’re cutting it a lil close this time. The “new seasonal schedule” messed us up. We’re having trouble with the hug of death and 2 Fresh 70 guides still needs to be uploaded. Rest assured we’re gonna post it as soon as we gain access. We’re fixing our new theme and you might encounter visual glitches and buggy ads, we’re on it. Sorry :( Moving on….


Leveling Guides We’ve improved/tweaked our leveling guides this season. Added a new feature so you can see the full build per level. Go check it out!


  • All Classes Insights on the general leveling process.

Below are the leveling guides for each classes:

Really guys check out our new leveling mini "tool" - it's cute.


Fresh 70 Guides You’ve reached level 70! Yey! Now what?!?!?! Here's the builds we used to complete the seasonal journey chapters to get your 6 piece free set (Haedrig’s Gift) ASAP!
Included builds we used to clear GR20. All classes are capable of clearing GR20. Only the 4pc and yellows. No legendary items or gems, with only a total of 20 paragons and no pylons taken during the run.


Go check out our D3 Guide Directory for anything else you might need.


For that extra Stash Tab, these are the things we need to complete:

  • Complete a TXIII Rift in under 5 min.
  • Complete GR60 Solo
  • Kill Greed on TXIII
  • Kill Izual on TXIII in under 30 sec
  • Reforge a Legendary or Set item
  • Augment 2 Ancient items with Level 40+ Legendary Gems
  • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete 2 Conquests


S8 Conquests Here’s the list for this season

  • Kill bosses on TX within 20 mins from entering game
  • Kill at least 350 monsters in Cursed Chest event at TX
  • Reach GR75 Solo
  • Reach GR 55 Solo with the bonuses of 6 Class Sets


Sorry guys for the last minute update and the stuff we still need to fix regarding the theme and ads. Once we get stable access to the site we can fix it up fast. Enjoy season 8!