Diablo Game Questions Speculation on possible date for whatever announcement blizzard has for a Diablo Game.

So I've been out of the loop with Diablo news for quite some time, but Rhykker's video in July has piqued my curiosity about a new Diablo game or remake. He mentioned in the video the peculiarities with his dice. The D-4 being smaller than usual and also having that very curious misprint. He discussed in his video that the 1-1-4 could mean that there could be an announcement on Nov. 4th, which is when Blizzard has Blizzcon and the opening ceremony where they usually release information about upcoming games. But the curious thing I found about that is it could also be read as 4-1-1 or April 11th. Meaning that the possible new Diablo game could be released April 11th, 2017. Blizzard games are usually released on a Tuesday and April 11, 2017 just so happens to be on a Tuesday. It's theoretically possible.