Diablo Game Questions Weekly Looking For Group Friday - 10/28/16

Welcome to week 119 of Looking for Group Friday!

The weekend is coming up and everyone's looking to play their favorite monster slaying, loot-collecting game. As we all know, monster slaying is more fun with friends! However, what if you don't know anyone who plays Diablo, or your regular demon destroying buddy is out of town for the weekend? Public games can be scary and frustrating, so why not play with a fellow redditor! Just comment below with your Battletag and time, or join someone who's searching for a partner (or two).

  • Battletag:
  • Region:
  • Hardcore?:
  • Seasonal?:
  • Day:
  • Time (and timezone):
  • Difficulty:
  • Goals:

Check the Discord server as another way to find a buddy. It has both text chat and voice chat, so you can communicate however you want. And, as always, may your loot be legendary!

If you have any suggestions for this thread or any other ideas, please message the mods.