Diablo Game Questions Weekly Loot Wednesday - 10/26/16

Welcome to week 217 of the Weekly Loot Wednesday thread!

Have you found something an item so amazing that you can't help but share it? Maybe you found a perfect trifecta Ring of Royal Grandeur, or a Wand of Woh with a socket, but there was no one to see it? Post your awesome loot here, so you can enjoy the fame (and upvotes)! Be sure to check back regularly to see what amazing items others may have found. Show support for this and point people here as this will help keep "look what I found" post from clogging up the front page. Also please consider sorting by new to see what new things people have posted!


  • When posting an image, make sure you crop it and use imgur for the best quality and upvotes.

  • Show the item's stat ranges by holding Ctrl when taking a screenshot.

If you have any suggestions for this thread or any other ideas, please message the mods.