Diablo Game Questions Weekly Thursday Help Desk, Ask your newbie questions here - 10/27/16

Welcome to week 179 of Thursday Help Desk.

This is a weekly thread for any quick/newbie/unsure questions you may have. No matter how dumb you may think the question is, now is your chance to have them answered! If you need help with your gear and build, post to the weekly Gear thread instead!

Check the Commonly Asked Questions page first before posting!

If you're not here to ask or answer questions, then this place is not for you. The mods will be resilient in removing posts and possibly even bans. Meta feedback about the weekly post is fine. Helpful people will be strongly considered for an ID scroll after a review of posting history.

Sort by new to answer the latest questions. Older questions most likely already have answers.

If you have any feedback for this specific weekly thread, just post it here or message the mods.