Game News Bungie Helps Two Game Devs Get Engaged With Custom Destiny Content

A pair of game developers got engaged today in an incredibly adorable way, thanks to Bungie and Destiny.

Vlambeer's Rami Ismail (Nuclear Throne) and Adriel Wallick (who formerly worked at Fire Hose Games and helped put together the Indie Megabooth) shared the news on Twitter today. Wallick proposed in Destiny using several pieces of custom content put together by Bungie. This included a special emote that let her go down on one knee, an Artifact called Ring of Eternity, and a letter at the postmaster that popped the question.

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Ismail tweeted each of these out as he encountered them, confirming he did say yes. Wallick subsequently thanked Bungie, specifically calling out marketing producer Poria Torkan, who "somehow managed to convince an entire team at Bungie to dedicate time and effort to such a dorky proposal."

In what's now a much more meaningful pair of tweets from earlier today, Ismail and Wallick pointed out how sad she was when today's DDoS attacks prevented them from signing into Destiny on PS4. "I told you all that you had no idea how sad I was at this DDoS attack," she added after the proposal.

It's not the first time we've seen people get engaged in a game before, or even in a way connected to Destiny. BioWare also helped a couple get engaged back in 2014. Valve, meanwhile, embraced its romantic side by releasing a "basically useless" $100 engagement ring for Team Fortress 2 in 2012. This can be given to another person, causing all online players to be notified of the engagement if the proposal is accepted.