Game News New Pokemon Go Update Out Now, Doesn't Do Much

Niantic Labs has launched a new update for Pokemon Go, but don't expect any new features.

Update 0.43.4 for Android and 1.13.4 for iOS includes "minor bug fixes" and nothing more, the developer wrote on Twitter and its website. A list of the bug fixes was not provided.

This is the second update for Pokemon Go this week. The first came out on October 23, adding new egg patterns and notification features, among other things. Check out the full patch notes here.

In other news about Pokemon Go, Niantic has announced the game's first-ever in-game event for Halloween. As part of the event, spooky Pokemon like Gastly and Haunter will show up more often. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn extra Pokemon Candy. Read GameSpot's previous coverage to learn more about Pokemon Go's Halloween event.

Nintendo has also apologized for the scarcity of the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, promising that it will produce more units to meet demand.