New Diablo Season 8 Guides, Blizzard Voice, New Official D3 Website Layout

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Season 8 Guides

With Season 8 well underway, you might want to have a look at one (or both) of these Google-Docs based Guides:

The first guide comes from Twitch streamer fstd3 and features leveling guides as well as starter, and end-game builds in addition to useful data on drop rates and the like. Check fstd3's Season 8 Pocket Guide here!

Our second guide was compiled by Deadset and focuses entirely on builds, with everything from beginner to end-game GR (solo and group) builds. With 6+ builds per class, you're sure to find one that suits your needs. Find your perfect build here!

Blizzard Voice Now Available

Blizzard has added voice chat functionality to the client itself. To activate it, create a channel from your friendlist and add your friends to it. Additional settings can be found in the client's settings menu.

New Layout for the Official Diablo Website

Diablo 3's official website on has also received a visual overhaul.
Contrary to earlier claims, the background image is not a new one, but instead merely an RoS artwork with Malthael removed from the center.