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Ever since the advent of smartphones we’ve all had our favorite images as wallpapers. Wallpapers that say a something about our personality or show our love for some cool characters from our favorite movies/games. However, the animated wallpapers on an Android device a.k.a Live Wallpapers make the device come truly alive. There are countless live wallpapers available for your Android smartphone, but the sheer number of these wallpapers is enough to intimidate the user. So, we will save you time: below are the best live wallpapers for Android.


Live wallpaper by Gauli, one of the most famous live wallpaper developers for Android, featuring 19 different designs and endless color combinations and movements on your Android phone’s home screen. Circulux live wallpaper is available in both free and pro versions. The free version provides everything you would need, the Pro version on the other hand only adds a few extra designs. The whole new range of icons and buttery-smooth effect will get you to fall in love with it.


Dream Night uses the default icon pack used in the nexus devices bringing you a step closer to the stock Android experience. Dream Night lowers brightness of your phone and gives off a dark look on your phone’s screen. If you are not a fan of bright and flashy colors, then Dream Night is the perfect lie wallpaper for you. The free version of Dream Night comes with ads and it’s also limited in terms of features. The Pro version gets rid of the ads and offers extra features such as Beautiful firefly effects, parallax effect, Interactive snowfall, and much more.


If you love the material design on your Android Lollipop device, then you are going to fall in love with Minima Pro live wallpaper. This live wallpaper fits well with the new material design elements along with a vast collection of themes. You can choose a new theme each day to go along with your live wallpaper. The Pro version add extra themes and also lets you edit existing theme or create your own from scratch. The randomizer feature in the pro version applies a random new theme each day to give your device a unique new look and keeps everything fresh.


Mountains Now Parallax Wallpaper was previously known as the “Google Now Parallax Wallpaper”. However, the developer changed the name after Google asked him to remove Google Now from title to avoid any confusion for the users. This live wallpaper is inspired by the Google Now mountains theme. It uses your phone’s gyroscope to create the parallax effect and lets you experience the upriver journey of the boats. In the Pro version, you can control the dawn, day, dusk, and night times or you can just let the wallpaper set the theme according to the actual time. If you want a simple and clean wallpaper then Mountains Now Parallax Wallpaper is a great choice.


The stalker cat is a live wallpaper for the cat lover. The prowling cat animations look so good on the screen. This is a dark-themed wallpaper that looks good behind any icon pack. If you love it when a random cat with big flashy eyes jumps in from random locations on your phone, then get yourself this cute stalking cat. In the pro version, you can even customize the background color and the cat’s eye color as well.

Create Your Own Live Wallpapers

If you are not interested in downloading live wallpapers from the web, then you can also make one yourself. Here are two ways you can create a live wallpaper directly on your Android or a PC.

Custom Live Wallpaper Creator for PC

You can download this software on your PC and create your own live wallpapers without having to write a single line of code. The process is simple and the software takes you through the entire wallpaper creation process. Download it for free and personalize your Android device with your personal creation.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker for Android

If you want to create your own live wallpaper directly on your Android device, then you can do so my using KLWP Live Wallpaper maker on your Android device. Use this app to create your own live wallpapers by using provided tools in this app. Create custom clocks, display any data you want, and tweak pre-built wallpapers to suit your needs with this amazing android app.

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