News Diablo T-Mobile Roaming Goes Live In Cuba

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As the freeze in the relations between Cuba and the United States begins to thaw, the latter’s companies are now being allowed to gradually provide their services in the island nation. Most major mobile carriers have started providing roaming services in Cuba. T-Mobile has now announced that its customers can access call, text, and data roaming now in the island nation.

This has been made possible after an agreement was inked earlier this year to allow T-Mobile to provide its services in Cuba. Customers will be able to make calls for $2 per minute, send text and multimedia messages for $0.50 per message, receiving messages is free while data roaming costs $2 per MB. Calls to the U.S. remain free over Wi-Fi calling.

“Since we have more customers of Cuban descent than any other wireless company, we’re incredibly happy to light up Cuba today for all of our T-Mobile customers. Dale, vámonos a Cuba!,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, adding that “The opening of Cuba has been historic—and we’re excited to do our part to help people connect.”

Earlier this year, T-Mobile allowing customers to make calls from the United States to Cuba for $0.60 per minute on its monthly “Stateside International Talk” feature which costs $15 per month. It customers can now remain connected in Cuba as well.

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