Diablo News What is the most important aspect of a Diablo game?

Diablo pollIn the forums, Azimuthus  has asked the question “What is the most important aspect of a Diablo game?” I think you’ll agree that’s a tough question to answer when you have to pick three answers and prioritise them.

Is it loot, the skill system, characters, the end-game, lore, graphics, multiplayer, or even randomisation?

All of these I see as core to the game in some respect so it’s not easy to pick the top three. With Blizzard obviously now working on something new now might be a good time to post what you think.

Blizzard ignored a lot of criticism of Diablo 3’s features prior to the game’s release and I think most players would be very disappointed if they made the same mistakes again with a new Diablo title.

Drop into the thread and cast your vote.