New Diablo Jay Wilson's Insights into Vanilla Development, Diablo Brawl Coming to Hearthstone

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Jay Wilson's Insights into Vanilla Development


Vanilla Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson has recently been posting quite a few insights into the game's development on his twitter account. Here are some of the tidbits:

  • Seasons and Rifts were already envisioned during vanilla development. Tweet
  • Early internal versions of the game were much closer to Diablo II. Tweet
  • Jay and his team had a ton of creative freedom during development, no upper management pressure. Tweet
  • Removing "earthly" satanist symbolism like pentagrams and burning crosses was a conscious decision to make the game world more unique. Tweet
  • Jay agrees that D3 has grown a lot since release, but a learning phase was necessary to get there. Tweet

Diablo Brawl Coming to Hearthstone


Today's Hearthstone patch has added a card back which is apparently associated with a Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl called "The Dark Wanderer". In this context, it's worth noting that Hearthstone has recently dropped its "Heroes of Warcraft" subtitle. Could we see more than just this Brawl in terms of Diablo content in Hearthstone?