Game Room Blood Bowl Dwarf team painted up

Second team from the manufacturer Black Scorpion Miniatures painted up. Just like with the Dark Elves these are good (and durable/non brittle) resin castings. I really liked the look of these and the team composition is perfect with 5 linemen, 2 blitzers, 2 runners and 2 troll slayers - 850.000 gold which allows you to purchase 3 re-rolls to get a great team!

I wanted something colorful, and also wanted to avoid using metallic paints, so I went with yellow, blue and blue for the mayor colors using extreme highlights to continue the more cartoony look of my Dark Elves. This is something I plan to continue using on the remaining Blood Bowl teams I have yet to paint (Skaven, Orcs and a new Human team).

As an experiment I have been painting minis using white undercoat on the Dark Elves and Dwarfs, it was a pain in the ass to be honest as you lose a lot of the dark lines when block painting. Here I had to use black paint in most deep parts of the minis and washes to make sure enough shading was provided. On the other hand the bright colors came out better than when I used black undercoat. Another tradeoff using white undercoat is that it took a great amount of paint to cover the sand on the bases, whereas using black I just drybrush with various brown colors.

On the upcoming Orcs and Skaven I will revert to black undercoat to make the painting process faster.