New Diablo How Would a Third Person Diablo Game Look?, Rhykker's S9 Builds

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How Would a Third Person Diablo Game Look?

One of our moderators and official MVP, Monstrous, took to our forums to ask how a third person Diablo game would look like. Jay Wilson recently tweeted about how every other game during D3's early development seemed to go down the third person route but that he hand his team decided to stick with the isometric perspective. What if they hadn't? Do you think a Diablo game could work in third person? How would that play? Let us know on the forums!

Rhykker's S9 Builds

Popular Twitch Streamer and Youtuber Rhykker has released a new video showcasing how the current top builds may change come patch 2.4.3 and Season 9. He goes over all classes and explains how the additional item each of them gets influences how each class can be played. Watch the video below!