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Looks for News Volunteers

With Season 9 out with a few new goodies, we are looking for some people that may want to help out in generating some content on the front page, whether it be from the weeks top builds, new blue posts, or the latest fan art.  If you are interested in helping out! leave a comment with the kind of content you like!


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OK I got it - immunity to cc means a whole bunch of procs that raise damage or debuff won't work. 
Just wanted to clarify for those who haven't seen the new Juggernaut affix in-game or read our recent patch notes that this is correct. As with all enemy affixes, some will be easier for certain builds to handle while the inverse is true for others.

One of our goals when adding new enemy affixes is to broaden the types of enemy variety you see in the game and the kinds of challenges you'll face. This helps achieve both of those goals while (hopefully) encouraging you to think more tactically in certain cases as a CC-dependent character.

Damn! Will have to actually look at affixes now - it would be nice to have a visual indicator on the elite.
Totally fair feedback! I'm happy to pass this on and thanks for sharing it.

The Barber

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

I'm using it with a build I'm working on and I like it even though it's not doing insane amounts of godly damage like on the ptr.
Glad you're liking the revamped Barber! As more people play with this item, there will doubtless be interesting new builds they create that are worth trying out.

It's also worth noting that with the changes to certain items in patch 2.4.3, we've seen players talk about how these compare to the most powerful Legendary and Set items available in the game.

To clarify, our goal when updating Legendary items is to open up new build opportunities for players to explore. Along with this, it's important to note that not every item is designed to push the current best Greater Rift level. Some will be better for speed farming builds, and others will simply be a means to create fun novelty builds (like Manajuma's Way, for instance).

There's more than one way to compare an item's relative worth, and more than one way to incorporate it into various builds. Even so, I'm glad to see people trying the new items out and sharing their experiences. It helps, for sure!

Is it really not guaranteed elemental damage though?
Also, putting The Barber on your follower causes them to instantly commit seppuku and keel over dead.
The issue occurring between The Barber and your followers has been fixed (yay).

As for the weapon not rolling the additional damage modifier, that does seem buggy - I will pass this on, and thanks for reporting it!

Rainbow Portrait -Sir William On Console

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

So, with the 1.15/1.16 patch, will this portrait drop now on the consoles?
Can someone from Blizzard or MissCheetah or Nevalistis confirm this please?
Sorry for the delay in response, but I had to do some digging on this one. On console, Sir William does not currently drop the Whimsyshire portrait. The reason why is because full portrait integration isn't actually active yet for the Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4/XB1, though a couple of portraits can be earned through the Darkening of Tristram event (see here for more information on that). Full integration will be coming with the patch where Seasons become available on console.

If this is something you guys would like to see in the future once portrait integration is in, I'll be happy to pass along that feedback to our console development team!

Necro Can Play with Anyone

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

This thread has derailed a bit, but I'd like to re-rail it to iterate that the above is correct. Unlike an expansion, the Necromancer pack does not limit access to any zones or game modes (like Reaper of Souls does for Adventure Mode). Players who don't purchase the Necromancer Pack simply won't have access to creating a Necromancer. They'll be able to play with other players with the pack as normal.


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  • A fix has been deployed that should resolve many of the 64-bit client issues since the release of Patch 2.4.3 (1/9)
    • Please note that this fix will require you to download a small patch
    • If you have updated to the latest patch and are still experiencing issues, please detail your experience in our Bug Report or Technical Support forums and be sure to include your dxdiag report
  • The Barber
    • Addressed an issue where having The Barber equipped on a Follower could repeatedly kill that Follower (1/9)
  • Flail of the Ascended
    • Fixed an issue where Shield Glare would only damage the last enemy hit by Shield Glare (1/9)