New Diablo Top 5 Monk Builds for Season 9

Our last top Season 9 builds post covered Witch Doctors, so now it's time to move onto Monks. While Inna's was buffed in 2.4.3, it wasn’t significant enough to cause a shift in the meta. That being said, Monk still has plenty of builds to choose from.

1. Zmonk 4-man grp GR 110+

Starting off the list is the support monk (zMonk). The zMonk’s role is to provide healing for its group and to keep its DPS alive. Two of the biggest benefits for this build are that it's quite easy to gear and find groups with. Players looking to get into group play without investing time to farm Paragon to be a DPS can consider zMonk as their ticket in.

2. GR100+ R6 Gen Monk

Next up is the Raiment Generator Monk (Gen Monk). Easily the #1 build for solo, it’s also the build of choice to kill the Rift Guardian in groups, being the 2nd DPS in the group meta alongside the Firebat Witch Doctor.

3. Sunwuko LTK Monk

Coming up in #3 is the Sunwuko Lashing Tail Kick Monk (Sunwuko LTK). Sunwuko LTK is great for speedfarming keys, doing bounties, or leveling low gems. It’s also easier to gear for than the LoN variant of the build.

4. LoN LTK T13 and 70 Speeds

The Legacy of Nightmares Lashing Tail Kick Monk (LoN LTK) takes the 4th spot on our list. Like Sunwuko LTK, LoN LTK fulfills the same role of speeds, bounties, and gem leveling. While harder to gear for, it is much easier to play than Sunwuko LTK due to not having to manage sweeping wind stacks.

5. Infinite Dash Cosmetic and Rainbow Goblin Farmer

The Infinite Dash Monk finishes up this top 5 post. While it may not provide the greatest damage, what this build has that no other build out there can offer is speed. This build is the fastest build out there that I know of (with yangs+aw wormhole Wiz coming in 2nd). As you get around way faster than any other class, this build makes it easy to farm cosmetics.

This wraps up the top 5 builds for the Monk. As always, there’s plenty of other builds out there, and you can browse the rest of the Monk builds to find one that suits you. If you have any questions, feedback, or wish to discuss one of these builds, then feel free to leave a comment!