Diablo News Blizzard reveals the Diablo 3 female Necromancer and more

PAX East brings some news with regards to the Necromancer and a reveal of the female Necromancer. A few skills were also detailed as the team continues to develop the class.

The game was demonstrated a the event and skills highlighted included:

  • Grim Slice – An AOE attack called Grim Slice which swings a huge scythe in an arc which grants Essence on hit,
  • Blood Nova which will cost Essence and health. Be careful not to drain too much health.
  • Devour has no resource costs and utilises corpses to gain health and Essence.
  • Blood Golem with AOE attack which can be summoned to a targetted area
  • Leech which grants health on hit.

Blizzard focused on these particular skills at this event. The guys at BlizzPlanet have whipped up a good video going over the skills which also shows more gameplay action of the new class.

Below you can see the art for the female Necromancer.

Blizzard plans to have the Necromancer out some time after PTR version 2.6 and it could be a lengthier than usual PTR session to make sure the class is well tested.