News Quick Tip: Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 - How To Choose Skins, Mounts, Announcers And More [Interface Change]

[Currently Text-Only to expedite posting. I will add example images Soon™]

Yesterday, Heroes Of The Storm "Version 2.0" came out - and along with it a bunch of changes and additions, breathing some new air into Blizzard's MOBA entry. I have been having fun playing it off and on, discovering the changes and new progression system. I am working on a First Impressions/Overview of '2.0' - but before that, I wanted to quickly make a Tip about something I am seeing a lot in the General Chat in HOTS: people asking how to change the Announcers, Mounts, Skins and other new additions, as the new UI has changed things a bit...

In 2.0, right away you will see that things have changed, as the Main Menus themselves have moved around and information is in different places. For example, the Shop link/text at the top of the screen is gone.
To get this up and posted quickly, I will just state it flat out for now:

The Loadout button (first one on the bottom, far left) now holds the settings for the currently selected Hero. Here, you can choose the Skin, Mount, Announcer used and other options via the sections within the Loadout (you can even save Presets of combinations you like). 

That's it - have fun in Heroes 2.0!

[I will return to this post to add example images and a bit more detail, Soon™]