New Diablo Community Highlights: Podcasts, Cosplays, and Necromancer Video Content

The Diablo 3 community is full of passionate individuals, from podcasters to video content creators. Let's take a look at some of their recent creations below! If you have a cool piece of Diablo content you'd like to see on the front page, you can submit it here. is a free-to-play browser game with zombies and tower defense! You can play it now here.

Westmarch Workshop

On episode 117 of the Westmarch Workshop, hosts Neinball and Leviathan discuss the new Necromancer changes and items.

Crusader Cosplay

Kat over at Valkyrie Studios has shared her Crusader cosplay that she took to Comikaze and BlizzCon last year. The design took her five months to complete, and she spent over 500 hours finishing the nearly 400 individual pieces! You can view her website here and see her recent Reddit post on the cosplay here.


Rhykker Unity Fail

 Rhykker has once again graced us with a clip of a forgotten ring. One that resulted in his death!

Bluddshed Set Dungeon Locations

In this video, Bluddshed shares the locations of all four Necromancer Set dungeons.

Bigdaddyden76 Necromancer Legendary Items Showcase

Join Bigdaddyden76 as he takes a look at the new Necromancer legendaries.