News Gwent - Playable By All Now As It Enters Public Beta [Notification]

Just a quick notification that Gwent, the Free-To-Play card game based on The Witcher series, is now playable by all, entering Public Beta today.

Stress-Test the servers!
Find bugs and improve the game!
Have fun!

[Note: Trying it out myself, it looks like it needs a (formerly Good Old Games) Account to play... I already had an account with them, but wanted to add that I am not affiliated with or CDprojektRED in any way and am not receiving any compensation of any kind to mention them here (look at the link above, it does not have any 'affiliate tags' or extra information in it). I am merely a Customer of (sometimes they have good deals on their DRM-free catalog) and merely seems to be affiliated with CDprojektRED and the release of Gwent.]